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Membership Information

Established in 1978, the Illinois Public Employer Labor Relations Association (IPELRA) is a professional, nonprofit Illinois association with over 300 members comprised of public sector management representatives responsible for carrying out the labor relations program within their respective jurisdictions.

IPELRA Membership BrochureWho Are Our Members?
Members of IPELRA are typically working in municipal, county, or state government, school districts, state university systems, and special purpose districts in Illinois, representing management in employee relations or at the bargaining table with public employee unions. Some members are also lawyers and private consultants serving management exclusively.  Click here for the IPELRA membership brochure.

How Can I Join IPELRA?

The first step in becoming part of IPELRA is joining our affiliate, the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NPELRA). By joining NPELRA, you automatically have membership with IPELRA.

Join Here
(Please note, this link will take you to NPELRA's membership webpage where you can process your membership)

IPELRA’s Value to Members
In addition to providing opportunities to interact with fellow professionals, IPELRA membership makes available to you and your jurisdiction the following:

  • IPELRA Reporter, the Association's newsletter, which provides:
    • Periodic alerts on hot topics
    • Federal-level developments
    • Information on technical labor relations subjects
    • Legislative bill analyses
  • FREE access to BillTrack50
  • Amicus representation
  • IPELRA's Annual Training Conference in the fall
  • One-day and half-day IPELRA seminars dealing with topics of current interest in Illinois
  • Discounts on IPELRA seminars for Organizational Associates of Member (other people employed by your jurisdiction)
  • Access to the NPELRA Membership roster at ipelra.org (list of all members in Illinois and throughout the nation)
  • Discounts on IPELRA and NPELRA programs and publications
  • Membership on IPELRA's LinkedIn page for you and your jurisdiction

An Opportunity to Contribute
As a member of IPELRA, not only will you be able to draw from Illinois' vast pool of resources, but you will also have the opportunity to contribute. Through our various seminars, conferences, and newsletters, you will have the opportunity to meet and benefit from the experiences of distinguished IPELRA public sector representatives and discuss issues of mutual concern.

Those members that are interested in getting more involved with IPELRA can lend their voice to one of our seven committees. Click here for a list of our committees.

Your Connection to NPELRA
NPELRA members are behind the state and regional PELRAs, to further opportunities for networking, information sharing and advocacy at a local level. Your dual membership with NPELRA / IPELRA, means that you've got the best of both worlds. What can you expect from NPELRA?

You can contact the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NPELRA) at or call their toll free line at 877-NPELRA1.